Homeland Security…


BAT2 and secret signals…

Drove my truck to work as to drop it off at Those Military Guys later in the day.  Had to have some minor work performed.  Anyways, the truck takes about four vehicle spaces to park and the only available spots were near the antenna array.

Where I work, I am surrounded by federal agencies to include Homeland Security, DoD and a few other government agencies.


Through out the morning, I notice US Federal police and Department of Homeland Security police would come by and check out the truck. Finally after the fifth visit, I went out there and introduced myself to them.  They told me because of how the truck was parked, and the antenna configuration on my rig, “I may have been trying to intercept signals from their array system.”

I laughed and showed them my federal ID and they laughed with me.  The officer told me he would tell the other agencies all was good. I showed both officers the inside workings of BAT2 and they both wanted to use it for work going forward.

Later in the day I watched a few of the officers pose in front of BAT2 taking pictures.

Overall, it was a pretty interesting morning and if I ever bring BAT2 back to work, I will park it on the other side of the building.  JB

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